UV-C Disinfection Applications

27 October 2021

The threat of viruses and bacteria is now all over like never before in all our lives. Everyone at home and work is aware of the need for hygiene and disinfection. Now we have the best non-toxic disinfection solutions for these concerns in the form of UV-C disinfection devices.

Significance of UV-C Applications

The current new normal scenario shows the need for effective disinfection in public places, homes and businesses. Virus Armor’s UV-C disinfection systems are developed for a wide range of personal and professional applications.


Make your personal spaces safer with air, water, and surface disinfection products to bring the power of UV-C to your home and your family.


Enhance the cleanliness of your business spaces with a wide range of UV-C disinfection devices for air and surfaces and thereby achieve the confidence of your customers and employees.


Ensure the health & safety of the industrial workplace and workforce with UV-C disinfection systems for a quick, effective, and eco-friendly disinfection solution.

UV-C Disinfection - Air, Water, and Surfaces

Disinfecting air, water, and surfaces are necessary for our health and our society. Unlike conventional disinfection methods that remove certain chemicals and particles, UV-C light nullifies bacteria, germs, and viruses. The contemporary UV-C disinfection devices will allow you to control the quality of your drinking water, the breathing air, and the surfaces you touch.

Virus Armor - Specialist in Application of UV light

We have made many innovations in UV lighting technology and intelligently connected lighting systems with UV lights for the most successful disinfection. Virus Armor products are creating a better future for UV products.

With UV-C disinfection systems established in various businesses, Virus Armor has become one of the largest suppliers of UV-C disinfection systems. Our remarkable quality will continue to inspire the inception of many UV disinfection solutions in the future.

Applications of Virus Armor’s UV-C Disinfection Devices
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Cinema & Concerts
  • Water
  • Hotel
  • Restaurant
  • Warehouse
  • Car
  • Home
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