UV-C Tube Sterilizer Provides 99.9% of Disinfection

28 April 2022

Viruses are known for their presence on surfaces for a few hours to several days. It was an extremely tough challenge for UV scientists to confirm that UV-C exposure could kill the virus. UV-C Technology usually works between 100nm to 280nm. It is most proven and effective in disabling and eliminating the molecular bonds found in germs, bacteria, viruses, and mites and operates as a sanitizer and disinfectant.

Virus Armor UV-C Tube Sterilizer is an excellent innovation like our other UV-C disinfection products. Our UV-C tube light works at 275nm, a proven range to eliminate the molecular bonds that help sustain the DNA of viruses, germs, and bacteria. This is the ultimate UV-C disinfection technology used in our UV-C tube light for sterilization.

UV-C Disinfection Tube Light - Features
  • Ensures effective disinfection in minutes.
  • It can be directly attached to the power supply.
  • UV Resistant fixture is made with aluminum alloy.
  • UV-C tube consists of a ceramic lamp holder and insulating material.
  • UV-C disinfection tube light is available in two variants 2ft (20W) and 4ft (40W).
  • 4ft UV-C tube disinfects 430 square feet
  • 2ft UV-C tube disinfects 215 square feet
UV-C Tube Sterilizer - Operation
  • Press the switch to start, and the usual UV-C sterilization time is 15 minutes.
  • After completing the disinfection, the UV-C disinfection light will automatically turn off.
UV-C Tube - Applications
  • Classrooms
  • Offices
  • Hospital Rooms
  • Retail Spaces
Virus Armor UV-C Tube Sterilizer

Virus Armor UV-C tube sterilizer is ideal for indoor environments, including industries, manufacturing units, and production centers. UV-C tube lights can be placed from 1m ceiling heights and should only turn on during the absence of people in the room. It is recommended that UV-C Tubes can be used up to 3 times per day for effective disinfection. The UV-C disinfection tube light is suitable to switch on before starting a working day and at the end of the working day.

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