Virus Armor UV-C Linear Twin Light - Ideal for Disinfection

12 April 2022

The UV-C Linear Twin light from Virus Armor has the inbuilt microwave sensor and is created for the disinfection of surfaces. This UV-C disinfection product has a wide range of applications, and the linear UV light provides UV-C disinfection with the homogenous distribution of UV sterilization. The disinfection capability of the linear germicidal light is based on the wattage. If a person enters the room at the time of usage, it can lead to a high risk of harm to the eyes and skin. So, it comes with a safety PIR sensor that can automatically shut down the UV-C linear light when a person’s presence is detected inside the room.

  • UV-C linear light effectively destroys most viruses, bacteria, and germs on directly irradiated surfaces.
  • Our Linear germicidal light is a proven and efficacious UV-C disinfection since the emerging use of UV-C disinfection products.
  • It’s environmentally friendly disinfection due to the absence of ozone emissions during or after use.
  • The UV-C linear twin light is made with high-quality materials, making our UV-C disinfection product durable and effective.
  • Virus Armor UV-C Linear Twin comes with 80W.
  • Our linear UV light is flexible with mounting options.
  • This UV-C disinfection product is also in the range of ideal disinfection zone with a UV radiation peak at 253.7 nm (UV-C).
  • It has the Protection wireguard with a Junction box.
  • Schools - Disinfects classroom walls, desks, floors, and surfaces.
  • Hospitality - Disinfects guest rooms, reception, and other areas.
  • Food outlets - Sanitizes kitchen surfaces and other facilities.
  • Offices - Sterilizes workrooms, meeting areas, and corridors.
  • Retail - Disinfects shopping carts, counters, and other surfaces.
  • Washrooms - Sanitizes vanity units, washbasins, and mirrors.
  • Banks - Disinfect counters, machines, and other work surfaces.
  • Salons - Sterilizes customer rooms, floors, mirrors, chairs, and other areas.
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