UV Light Disinfection Technology

14 January 2022

In contemporary indoor space, we expect great lighting, cozy temperatures, and now a disinfected room. UV light disinfection technology is a modern and automated method of disinfecting areas. Virus Armor's UV-C disinfection products are the long-term solution to disinfect a room so you can augment the sense of well-being of people interacting within the space. Our UV light disinfection products eliminate pathogens in the air and on surfaces in occupied and unoccupied rooms. Virus Armor's UV disinfection solutions seamlessly integrate into your spaces to get rid of pathogens and make you enjoy the time being together with your dear ones.

UV Light Disinfection Technology - A Modern Approach

Conventional chemical disinfection doesn't allow human presence, and it's time-consuming. Decades of research and practical applications prove the eminence of using UV lighting as a disinfection method. Modern UVC disinfection technology shows the excellence and the ability to undergo complete disinfection.

UV Disinfection Technology for Your Spaces
  • For Schools

    Proper pathogen control is essential in schools to protect the teachers and students from the spread of Viruses, Bacteria & Germs. With adequate disinfection using UV light disinfection products, you are building a comfortable space for students, teachers, and school staff to thrive, thus enabling them to focus on learning and exploring themselves.

  • For Assisted Living Facilities

    For every resident in an assisted living facility, it is always their home. UV light disinfection technology is necessary to care for each well-being for this pandemic period. UV disinfection technology is mandatory to eliminate pathogens in the space where residents reside and employees work.

  • For Hospitals

    Pathogen control is a must in a hospital to maintain hygiene and sanity to treat the patients and simultaneously protect the hospital staff and other personnel. UV light disinfection technology is an essential process to ensure the proper disinfection of Viruses, Bacteria, and Germs.

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